We are a team of medical sales professionals with a proven track record in selling medical products and devices into the NHS marketplace.

Our pragmatic and tenacious approach managing the sales cycle from initial contact, presenting business proposals to implementing the business once secured has proven to be highly effective.

This overall proposal of business development can be very valuable to companies that are aspiring to make inroads into the marketplace with new technologies and innovations.

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Regen Medical, a UK based distributer with an outstanding portfolio of Wound Care products. Regen Medical offer some of the most cost-effective products in the marketplace without compromising on quality whilst boasting some of the most robust evidence to support claims that we have products that actually heal wounds.

Do you have a new idea for a business in the MedTech Arena and need and help or guidance to ? We took a new business concept from start to finish and utilised all of our contacts and knowledge to help create a new concept. Evenlina | Compression Shapewear and Garments for Women

If you have a product that you would like to commercialise in the NHS and need some support and guidance, we can offer a variety of market access solutions and dynamic business development strategies to get your products moving. The Scolmore Group is one of the UK’s leading manufactures in the electrical accessory market and now offers a significant innovation in reducing the bacterial and viral bioburden in the NHS with the Antimicrobial Click range.

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